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 Broken Mirror Shattered Self  
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Untitled 8/18/08

Have you ever looked into a pool of water
And for a moment the face you see isnt yours?
I think my mind is sending me a message
The way things are
Arent the way they were
Once the walls had crumbled and were a not so distant memory
I look around, the walls are back
I dont have to wonder why
You taught me that
The sun isnt as bright as before
All I have is myself
I guess  just want something I can never have
What to say
What's next
In this world of broken hearts
And sturdy walls
They came down so easily
Now I see you must be a wizard
You built them back
Stronger than ever
No cracks this time
Less chance of them falling
I wont apologize
The fault lies with you.

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