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 Broken Mirror Shattered Self  
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Broken Glass

Many Paths
Walked in unison
All these thoughts
Swarming emotions
Have paths of their own
They walk together
All in unison
It's so confusing
No regrets
You didn't fail
I don't want to be
The black spot on your memories
I want you to know
I care for you
You know I can't love you
I'm not allowed
That would be
The ultimate betrayal
I'll always be here
I want you to know
I'm your friend
Of that have no doubts
And no regrets
Arm in arm
We march to the future
Please don't ever
Look badly on the past
Lets just pretend it's all
  Broken Glass
It can be set the way we choose
With a chance like that
Can you really lose?
Make no mistakes
The betrayal wouldnt lie with you
My whole life
I've never stood firm
For once
And maybe just this time
I stand tall
So sure of myself
That I just can't fall
At least that's my moto these days
You make me unsure
A little unsteady
I see you
Who you are
Makes mo not so afraid to fall
You are amazing
And so very deserving
I place myself as your friend
I couldnt bare to hurt you again
Broken Glass
Like a church window
Some pieces are jagged and stained
Put them together
In your own way
And they become a work of art
Lets add to it
Our future a true work of art
(For Steven)

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