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 Broken Mirror Shattered Self  
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Behind the Mask

I look to yesterday
Sit and ponder on today
I love you
We'll meet again
Those words spoken
Now lost within
Each moment that passes without you
My pulse quickens
My breaths grow shorter
My eyes are dry
The headaches are back
Must be the heartache
I'm here without you
I grow weaker by the day
I had no idea
I could ever feel this way
I blame myself
I let you in
You broke inside
Found a place in the block of ice
I called my heart
You've left me here
My mouth open, a silent cry
No tears to fall
My eyes are dry
Exposed in a corner
No place to hide
Replace the barrier
No more truths
The future is lies
The face you see isn't mine
Behind the Mask I'm at peace
Once again a sweet release
Shattered heart
Broken Soul
Guarded, Healing, Behind the Mask

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