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Crack, Thump

Crack! Thump!
I'm awake!
It's the one noise that scares me.
There's no pain.
It couldn't have been me.

I listen intently.
Some one shuffles through the bushes beside me.
I hear a click.
Crack! Thump!
It's in front of me somewhere.

The shuffling beside me has stopped.
I wonder if he's still alive?
I look through the scope on my rifle,
Crack! Thump!
It missed...It went over my head.

Some one shouts behind me.
Instinctively I get up and run towards them.
There's three of them.
Covered in blood.

Crack! Thump!
That one was meant for me.
I hit the ground hard.
Only a few meters to go.
They need my help.

I wait a few more seconds.
I do a mental check.
No pain, no numbness, I'm still here.
Crack! Thump!
So is he.

I curse,
I'm up again running toward the wounded.
He doesn't look good.
I'm on the ground again.
Face to face with the injured man.

Crack! Thump!
The guy next to me explodes in a spray of red and pink.
I look back over my shoulder,
No sign of him.
I concentrate on the wounded.

His mate has pressure on his chest.
But it's still flowing freely.
The dirt under him is dark and sticky.
Not good.
Crack! Thump!

That wasn't meant to happen.
Why did he do that?
With a final shudder the man lets go.
His eyes lose focus.
He's gone.

Good bye mate.
I push back a tear.
No time for that now.
Crack! Thump!
I saw that!

It's heavy in my hand.
The pin comes out easily.
I stand and send it sailing through the air.

Where was the crack?
I look down.
There it is!
The grenade did its job.

I slump to the ground.
Still staring at my chest.
How am I going explain this to her?
My rifle falls off my shoulder.
Will I get the chance?

My world darkens.
So this is what it's like.
One last thought.
One last dream.

By: Heath G. Schofield

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