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 A Soldiers Verse  
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Always Here

I have no way of explaining how I feel,
These thoughts of mine just seem so unreal.
I wish I was able to tell you true,
About these feelings I have,
Feelings for you.

In this place of rules, boundaries and limits,
Is it possible for love to flourish?
Even for a minute?

I'm sure that if we were to bide our time,
We might be able to strike a line.
A line between reality and hope,
We can find a way for us to cope.

To share our feelings so others can see,
There are no boundaries to being free.
One last thing before I go.
There's something that you should know.

Whether we are friends or more,
I shall always be here for you,
To love you for sure.

By: Heath G. Schofield

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