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 A Soldiers Verse  
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Something About You

There's something about you,
The way that you smile.
I don't know what it is,
That makes it all worth while.

I'd go with you anywhere,
And do whatever it took.
Because you've got me caught,
Line, sinker and hook.

I thought I was in love once,
But that was before.
Before I met you,
Now I know it's much more.

More than a feeling,
That starts way down deep.
You're the first thing I think of,
When I wake up.
And the last,
Before I go to sleep.

I even dance with you,
Inside my dreams.
These are the happiest times for me,
So it seems.

But unfortunately I feel,
I'm in the middle of a crisis.
Because I'm not sure how you feel,
About all of this.

So I'll continue to wonder,
Where this is going to end.
Whether we'll be lovers,
Or just good friends.

But no matter what happens,
Between me or you.
I will always be here,
To help see you through.

Whether you need a friend,
To give you some company,
Or a shoulder to cry on,
You can always come to me.

I was there for you before,
And I shall be there again.
Because that's what I'm here for,
To be your mate and your friend.

By: Heath G. Schofield

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