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Dreaming Of You

I had a dream about you the other night,
It put into perspective,
What you mean to my life.

In this dream you were taken from me,
For reasons unknown.
I was frantic, searching,
Not wanting to be alone.

I searched far and wide trying to find a clue,
But all I found was emptiness,
When I couldn't find you.

I remembered the weekends,
Lying in each others arms.
Two souls lost,
Finding comfort in each others charms.

While I was searching,
I kept calling your name.
Waiting for an answer,
And yet nothing came.

A cold sun was setting,
As the day drew to an end.
But there was no way I was giving up,
On my dearest friend.

I found myself on the edge of a cliff,
Looking out on the world.
Searching the horizon for the truth and a clue,
Yet finding nothing, except distant visions of you.

Then I realized,
Why we were taken apart,
I should have know this,
Right from the start.

Our paths crossed briefly,
For compassion and fun.
For the briefest of moments,
We felt what it was to be one.

Now we know what we desire so much,
We must travel separate paths,
To find they who love us such.

My heart sinks,
Knowing that it won't be you.
But I shall always be here,
To help get you through.

Where ever our paths take us,
From beginning to end.
I will never give up,
On my dearest friend.

By: Heath G. Schofield

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