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Eroticism dance with consciousness
commencing sensual revolution...
defying hate filled wretchedness.

I wanna do your underground railroad
Caress Harlem Renaissance.
stroke freedom rides
to integrate the soul.

Laying you down to the smooth sounds of...I AM SOMEBODY!!!!
Hitting your spots like Coltrane and Miles hit their notes
touching Black Panther Party
Now you're on top registering my votes.

You're high off Langston Hughes
I fondle your Bob Marley Redemption Song
climaxing to Bessie Smith Blues.

But you refuse to let me hit from the back of Segregated Bus
allow me to eat it on segregated lunch counters
or have racist white mobs lynch us.

So I enter your radical change.
I feel your Shirley Chisholm
You explore Paul Robeson.
with Jackie Robinson integrating the game.

Arousing Eldridge Cleaver's
Inviting me to seize moments
Resisting against agents and deceivers.

Missionary rotations give you strain
hmmm it hurts so bad
feeling all political prisoners pain.
I say, "What's my name?"
you replied
and "Brotha George".

We intensify post traumatic
new world disorder
Pre cumming of People's Movement
For The Poor.
We're almost there.
Saying it loud like James Brown.
Into our eyes we stare...

From the point of no return
Orgasmic screams echo the hull of slave ships.
Tied to stakes
maimed and burn.

We rest in arms of affirmative actions and free breakfast programs
Cooling off this hot Watts Riot
as we cuddle to comfort of saxophones and African drums
Completing OUR-story in love making
this session is over but there's more work to be done.
cultural awakening, through love making has only just begun.

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