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 "DALY CITY" By Rob Morrow

Morning fog chills the air
and bus line 20C is late!
loosing patience waiting
Across St Francis Square
on the corner of Southgate.

Gloomy skies in July
bus finally arrives
taking that ride

Pass Mathew's top of the hill
for a fly cut
get my lines touched up
on Mission and Templeton
Later catch the B-ball game
between crips and bloods
Oops!! I mean...Westmoor and Jefferson.

With all those fine
Black,Latino and Filipino chicks
hook up one of them with
cherry now-n-laters
candy pop rings
hanging out after school
at Skyline Ice cream
hmmm she got azz
walking under 280 overpass
to catch a 2 buck flick
at the Serramonte 6.

Blowing bubbles made of spit
playing a little ding dong ditch
can't walk down 87th St at night
without police harassing you and shit!

How many lost their virginity
at Hot tub facility
on Market St
Across from Lucky
near Serra Bowl?
Doug E Fresh's The show
89.5 K-P-O-O
J.J. on the radio!!!

Skyline,John Daly
Clarinada and Junipero Sierra
when it came to video games,
I was a terror
spending Saturday nights
beating high score on Pac Man
@ Farrel's and Pizza-n-Pipes.

Jammin' Cool J's "Rock The Bells"
Michael Erickson in the mix
on 107.7 K-S-O-L

High school dances
house parties in a garage
off Skyline Dr and Longview
DJ'd by Jesse Carr.
Egyptian Lover
Egyptian Lover baby!!!!!

Getting crazy
at War Memorial

Speeding' my bike down
St Francis Blvd with no brakes
on my way to Westlake
or Marchbanks
for pick up game of hunch
not 21.

Some fights
and racial slurs
but nobody consider
packing a gun.

A community working class
waking up @ 5:00 alarms
heading to work
in the city
just like my mom.

A neighborhood(without the HOOD)
where I was raised around the way
making me wish I was a kid
again back in the day.

And there are times
I still hear
BART train announcer's voice
echo in my mind
This is Daly City,
we reached the end of the line.

@ 2011 Rob's Poetry


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