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 "FEMININE MOONS"(explicit)  by Rob Morrow

Illuminating thoughts

wreak havoc on

pleasure domes.

Arousing spectacles

keep churning my life giver

that pre-cometh the dawn of

sweltering dissertations....

Persistently howling at

your feminine moons

while waterfalls rage

and explode like geysers

from your secret fortress.

I give you both sides of Luther

for only one night

I want some me

to edge of insanity with

your enticing smile.

While thighs ride

high on shoulder blades

In proper position

giving carnal excursion

a jump start.

Hard and swift

slowly, but surely

you're dancing...

rotating hips

to my long strokes

digging deep into

insatiable valleys

of unlimited pleasures.

We go the full mile

with deep kisses

in erogenous zones

massaging erections

and sucked nipples

catapult instincts

of doggie play until

creamy splash down


Licking sweat from

anal opportunities...

screaming loud for

its anticipation

climaxing to its elation

leading to soft-n-wet mess

on bed sheets and comforters

We cuddle in midst of

love juices

I rest my head

and look up

to gaze at your

feminine moons.

(c) 2011 Rob's Poetry~~~


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