A Soldiers Verse 
  Heath Schofield

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 What Hides In The Darkness?

What is it?
You don't know.
Where is it?
You cannot be sure.

You don't want to open your eyes,
For fear of seeing what shouldn't be seen.
You listen quietly for any sounds of disturbance,
There is only silence.

You can hear the thumping of your own heart,
You wish it would beat quieter.
For surely if you can hear it,
It can hear it too.

Something moves,
It makes the faintest of sounds.
It could have been the breeze blowing through the curtains,
Or it could have been something else.

You wonder when the darkness will break,
You want the sun to rise, a light to come on,
Something, any thing...
But for now there is only darkness.

Another sound,
You begin to panic, it was different from before.
You don't recognize what it was,
But you know it was louder.

You feel as if you're being suffocated,
By the silent fear that's surrounding you.
You can't take it any more,
You have to turn a light on.

Another sound, louder still,
You can make out a faint scratching.
It wants you,
No matter how quiet you are,
It knows you're there,
Somewhere in the darkness.

You hear it moving towards you,
It's now or never.
It sniffs at the air,
It can smell your fear.

A burst of speed and strength,
Coming from the adrenaline,
Surging through your veins,
You reach out for the light.

It comes on,
And bathes the room in its glow.
You look to where the noise was coming from,
You see it staring back at you.

Its eyes fixed on yours,
Watching you intently.
You move towards the door,
It follows.
You open the door quietly,
The dog goes outside to do it's business.

By: Heath G. Schofield

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