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New Poems are in the first section without any stars. Some of them had dates from way back in the 1990's

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As you can see, there are a lot more poem entries than ever before. There are two divisions that are alphabetized. I am in the process of entering poems from my two books, that never got entered before and then finding those poems that are around the house and making sure they have not been overlooked. My goal is to get all and any poems all in one place for all who want to see and read them. Ultimately I will be looking for the person that my Lord, Jesus Christ would have me trust and turn over the work to. At the present time, I do not know who that may be. I do look toward the members of the wonderful people in the congregation I have been a part of for years going back as far as 1973. It does amount to a small amount of money per month, $10 and a password. I am not dying but my years are much shorter now. Still it is not unheard of that I could live another 10-20 years. Not one of us knows' but we often look for it right and left instead of enjoying the present. My husband had to have a stent put into one of the by-pass veins he had in 1995. So maybe he has another 10-20 years, again unknown. I don't want the work the Lord gave me to do to disappear. He is the great Almighty God and has already increased the readers of this wonderful work. Enjoy reading, come back to the reading, it will continue to have value as years go by. It has given me purpose and meaning in my walk with Him. I know it will bless you as well. Their are many of you, 97,795 so far. Thank you for your devotion to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

My twin grandchildren will be 4 years old this month and our first born granddaughter will be 7 years old. We celebrate everyone on the same day however that will fit. My younger daughter and her husband will be celebrating their 2nd anniversary. It will be a busy month.

I'm back in Vermont in my childhood home visiting my sister, Bonnie and my older brother, Pete. In case I never told you how old I am, next year will be the big 70! And yes I'm old but the Lord is still guiding me along the way. He is with me more than ever now. He has brought me out of all my hiding places and bringing all of me out in the open. You can spend a lifetime not understanding what we still haven't gotten to. Something we've been holding back without even realizing it. Coming back to my childhood home has already helped me with my spiritual renewal. Not everybody has that childhood home to really go back to but only memories. Don't give up. Ask for his help. He's right there waiting. Trust Him.
Ready to enter some more beautiful poems that our Lord has given me. They are so beautiful and I am blessed that He has given the work back to after a terrible year(2017) with mental health issues and a complete breakdown. Stay connected with our Lord no matter what. Know that He is the one we serve not He that serves us. He grants us the things we need, in his time. He works through our rights and wrongs and helps us to excavate all that is within us that keeps us from growing. The new poems will show you some of that growth and surrender.
Over 90,000 viewer hits on the poems God has given me to write. I pray through these works of ark that help bring me back to where I need to be.

Its almost my birthday! I was born in 1950. You do the math. I have been more than occupied with the care of twins, who are now 2 1/2 years old and my 5 1/2 year old granddaughter. She will be starting kindergarten this fall and the twins will be starting pre-school. A few things have changed with their care. Their Mom has total care of all three of them now and is a full-time Mom. Let me tell you that watching three little ones is no small thing and it turned out that this sixty-plus grandmom could not stand the challenge. I slowly became overwhelmed with their care and decided to step back and let Mom and Dad take over.

Its a little more complicated than that. My bi-polar condition came back to prey on me because I was literally completely burned out. I had also been slowly leaving my spiritual journey behind me, having only enough strength to spend on my grandchildren. I neglected the work the Lord gave me on this very website. It took almost a year to put all this back together again and get back on track both physically and mentally. This week God brought another surprise to my attention. I began working here with these beautiful poems God gave me. I was very happy to see that there were over 8,000 hits expressing the fact that many people have been looking at these poems over the time I was not able to. Just this week I was taken aback when I again took a look at the number of poems that all my followers were reading. I was so astounded that I showed it to my daughter and asked her what that number was. I had been leaving out one number, making the true total to be over 84,000 poems! Praise God that I had not completely abandoned the work He gave me.

If you find yourself lagging behind in your walk with the Lord, don't give up and don't think that you have gone to far away for God to grab you back into His kingdom. He really came back for me and is more real than I ever imagined. Now on with the journey. I am very excited to see what He has planned.

I have been a grandmother for a whole year now and time just keeps moving on faster and faster. Even with my own two daughters, I have not known such happiness as this. I struck a deal with my daughter and her husband that I would care for her baby while they worked. Not for free as some grandmothers do. The experience of having her as such a large part of our lives is beyond what any amount of money could pay. My husband and my youngest daughter are both a large part of the process. My husband has turned into the mushiest "pop-pop" ever and is such a great grandpa. My youngest daughter teaches her songs and plays games on the computer with her watching. "Baby-proofing" is something that keeps evolving as she grows. She is walking now and runs rings around all of us. I have often wondered why mothers are always so exhausted from caring for one child. Now I realize it is from being in this constant state of "high alert" while listening or chasing after a toddler. Now I'm waiting for a second one? The word "family" has taken on a whole new meaning.
It has been awhile. My first grandchild is now almost 3yrs old, at which time we will be expanding the family by two more babies(twins), a boy and a girl. I'm trying not to abandon my poetical work but it's been hard to keep up...with the twins coming it can only get worse. I truly believe I am here on this earth for them now. I do need to work on my health as I am not very disciplined about my weight and exercise. I am both excited and terrified about the prospect of two more little ones to care for!

10/24/2017 My youngest daughter, Noreen has just married her teenage sweetheart and will be starting there new and complicated married life. Looking forward to seeing them grow in their love for each other.