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 Listen With Your Heart      84406 Poems Read.
I have been a grandmother for a whole year now and time just keeps moving on faster and faster. Even with my own two daughters, I have not known such happiness as this. I struck a deal with my daughter and her husband that I would care for her baby while they worked. Not for free as some grandmothers do. The experience of having her as such a large part of our lives is beyond what any amount of money could pay. My husband and my youngest daughter are both a large part of the process. My husband has turned into the mushiest "pop-pop" ever and is such a great grandpa. My youngest daughter teaches her songs and plays games on the computer with her watching. "Baby-proofing" is something that keeps evolving as she grows. She is walking now and runs rings around all of us. I have often wondered why mothers are always so exhausted from caring for one child. Now I realize it is from being in this constant state of "high alert" while listening or chasing after a toddler. Now I'm waiting for a second one? The word "family" has taken on a whole new meaning.
It has been awhile. My first grandchild is now almost 3yrs old, at which time we will be expanding the family by two more babies(twins), a boy and a girl. I'm trying not to abandon my poetical work but it's been hard to keep up...with the twins coming it can only get worse. I truly believe I am here on this earth for them now. I do need to work on my health as I am not very disciplined about my weight and exercise. I am both excited and terrified about the prospect of two more little ones to care for!

10/24/2017 My youngest daughter, Noreen has just married her teenage sweetheart and will be starting there new and complicated married life. Looking forward to seeing them grow in their love for each other.