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  1. Prophetic Vision Of Dragons And Fire by Marcus Rogers-WOW!
  2. Can Masonic Ties Curse Families?
  3. Jesus Knows How We Can Bear-Hezekiah Walker
  4. Is God Calling Your Name?
  5. Byron Allen Fights for "Black" Economic Inclusion
  6. The Devil's Building his kingdom one Vessel @ a Time!
  7. Grown Men DO/DUE Cry
  8. Demonic Portals
  9. Stages of Human Trafficking
  10. Ebony/Ivory Love
  11. Help for Targeted Parents
  14. The Weapon of Silence - Dephne Madyara
  15. The Conspiracy & Hidden Identity of "Blacks" in the Bible (Documentary)
  16. King David (Animation)...For the Lost " Simbas" Out There
  17. Spirit-Filled Meaning of Alcohol
  18. Lost and Turned Out: To My Lost Queens "Black Women" (Olivias)
  19. Never Feel Guilty About Enjoying What God Has Blessed You With by Marcus Rogers
  20. Can Negative Energy Cause Weight Gain?
  21. Breaking Soul Ties- by Dephne Madyara
  22. Slavery Practices that Affect Us Today
  23. Minority Entertainment
  24. How to Pick Fruit Safely
  25. Awesome Video on Bible Prophecies (Babylon)
  26. Emgality Commercial (Egyptian Ref.)
  27. Hebrew Israelites (Blacks) and Gators
  28. Happy Saturday...aka Sabbath
  29. Suspect Commercials
  30. The Blazing Coolness of The Beast and Goat
  31. Aborted Fetal Products...
  32. Zechariah 10: Hold Tight Israel
  33. Very Powerful Message for Young "Black" Women
  34. Exodus 1 (Supports My Rant)
  35. Genocide Diet: How Junk Food Contributes to Mental Illness/Violence
  36. The Rebirth of Slavery Placed Upon the "Immigrants"
  37. Esau's Destruction Obadiah 1
  38. Notable Bible Verses for Protection
  39. The Book of Nehemiah
  40. Dogs Pray Before Eating (LOL)
  41. Praying Babies (Precious LOL)
  42. Todd White Prays for Satanist
  43. Marcus Rogers Video on Evolution vs. Creation (Plus Rant From Me)
  44. Beto O'Rouke: No '5013c' for Gay Marriage Opposers
  45. Whistleblower Judge Awaits Possible Extradition
  46. Young Man's Testimony of going to Hell
  47. Word of Wisdom
  48. Secret Transgender Celebrities?
  49. A Message for House Negroes
  50. Current Immigration Situation
  51. Man Turns Bus Into Home!
  52. Life of Jeus-According to Matthew
  53. The Fight Against Child Brides!
  54. Satan's Bullies
  55. Beware of Incubus/Succubus
  56. Think Before Joining Frats/Sororities or Any Group
  57. Response to Last Post "Not to Ratchet for God"
  58. You Are Not too Ratchet for God!
  59. Understanding the Spiritual Realm
  60. Support for Narcissistic Survivors and TIs
  61. The Truth Hurts
  62. Possible SNAP changes_3 Million Cut
  63. Fresh Prince of Baal-Air?
  64. God Exposed Them To Free You!
  65. Are Fallen Angels Literal Stars in the Sky?
  66. Marcus Rogers' Message About Mass Shootings (to Lecrea)
  67. Adam & Eve (Original Sin)?
  68. What is the Bohemian Grove?
  69. Indecent Relations W/Animals...Yes, that One!
  70. I'll Make It by Hezekiah Walker
  71. Faithful is Our God by Hezekiah Walker
  72. From Mascara to Manhood: Marcus Rogers Interviews X Drag Queen
  73. 1 Peter 5:6-11 Spiritual Warfare
  74. 1 Peter 3:1-7 Submission of Wives During Domestic Violence
  75. Marcus Rogers Preaching
  76. Power Belongs to God...A Testimony
  77. 501c3 Controls the Church
  78. What Day is the Sabbath?
  79. Leaving the Physical Church vs. Leaving the Spiritual Church
  80. The Hideouts of the Homosexual Spirit
  81. Get in the Kool-Aid of Politics!
  83. Lucifer's Rendezvous (Spiritual Warfare)
  84. Aborted Laws
  85. Poem # 1
  86. Motherhood-A Poem About Mothers
  87. Poem # 3
  88. Poem # 4
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