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Itís All In My Head

~~ A Motherís Hardest Decision ~~
I have never truly understood the meaning
of true love until the day I had you then my eyes
were finally open and I was able to clearly see,
That you are the beating in my heart you are the
smile on my face you are true love pure honest
real always and forever unconditionally.

I know itís hard to understand and it may seem
as if I just chose to give you up and I know that
you might sometimes feel like it was something
that I wanted to do, however please know my
darlings that I had to put my feelings and what
I wanted aside and do what was best for you.

I do love how strong the bond is that we have
always had, still being without you has left A
hole in my heart Iíve just been so empty and so
very sad.
I do know in my heart and God up
in heaven knows itís absolutely true,
I honestly did what i had to do because of
just how strong my love really Is for you.

So I hope that now maybe you are able to see
that what I did was completely out of Love, I pray
that you know in your heart that to be able to have
you in my arms again is ALL that Iíll be dreaming of.

Written by:Kelly Rucci
Dedicated to: my children
who I love an will always
Love unconditionally..
💙💚 Matthew, Brandon,
Sebastian,and Sierra💙💚
No matter the distance between
us you 4 are an will forever be
my whole heart an the reason I
Breathe... Love Always, Mommy.