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Fallen Angel~Broken Halo

The Great America

Our politicians may be very slack,
And our foreign policies are serious crap!
Our government spending is a total joke.
Seems like our reputation has gone up in smoke.
But when I think of the Red White and Blue,
I only think about me and you,
Hometown heroes who sacrificed,
For our freedom they gave their life.
I think about America and this great land,
And I wouldn't want to be anywhere than where I am.
Where neighbors help neighbors regardless of race,
Where a single religion isn't shoved in our face.
I think about how we all come together,
In times of need & when under pressure.
We put Politics aside as we show our American Pride.
And for this country I will fight with my American Family by my side!
God Bless the American People!! American Africans, American Asian, American Latino's, American German, American Irish, America. Indian, Etc... American First!! ~ Seraph Art
© brokenhalo2 - all rights reserved.


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