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A Dark Heart
If I could take a shovel and dig a tunnel back into your life, I wouldn't. That'd be the same trouble, and probably even doubled. I'd rather build a time machine to go into the past and get me back all the memories I could have had without being with your stupid ass. You were full of shit, how dare you live your life like you never toyed with mine. You wasted my time, and you didn't even think twice. I was nice, you were colder than ice and I was just blind to your heartless demise. All you did was try and do your best to rip the heart from my chest and play our relationship like it was just another game of chess. Well, check mate bitch my heart can never be torn apart. Watch as I get rich and pull up to walmart for a shopping cart full of expensive shit and cruise in to a spot to park this fresh new exotic whip, while you're somewhere meaningless just trying to play another clueless kid. I feel sorry for him and I hope he catches on quicker than I did. Oh well, I'll be busy over here with my head up, here I'll stand a brand new man while I count grips of Benjamin's. I got my heart back and it reads S for Superman. This is my stand, I'm about to make everyone around you a fan, everywhere you'll look was a chance at a real romance that you'll never have back. You are dead and I am awakened. I know now not to be so reckless, but now we know I am not the one to be messed with. Thanks for teaching me that lesson.