Fallen Angel~Broken Halo

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 Eternal Optimist

I am the eternal Optimist, with no rose colored glasses
and I've learned all that I know from Life's classes.

 a 1/2 empty cup means room for more.
And opportunity awaits at every open door.

On my side of the fence the grass is just as green.
And the silver lining is worth it, if you know what I mean.

All that glitters may not be gold,
But money does not buy love I'm told.

And spilled milk certainly is not worth tears,
Show a little trust and that will last years.

I try to find the good in the midst of the rain,
Always look for the lessons when enduring pain.  

I hold onto hope until every last drop has been spent,
Although once in a while I look back and lament.

I believe there is a  reason for future and past
I am the eternal Optimist with faith unsurpassed.

Copyright 2014 Tamara Seraph


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