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Up in my face
Trying to intimidate
Because that's what angry poets do

Screaming I made a bitch move
When artistically pointed faults
Emulating from your business.

Spoken word politicians
Legislating favoritism from a list
Now you're pissed.
Going absolutely ballistic
Denying you roll like this.

So unleashing anger and aggression
You're going to teach me a lesson on suitable expression.

Threatening me
Violent comparison toward my own seed
Because that's how poets behave who disagree.
But diminishes credibility
You went conscious to gangster at the blink of an eye
Stature resembles peace
But your actions submit to demonic distractions
Exposing hypocrisy inside.

We would've straighten all wrongs and rights
But that was before you transformed from Quincy Jones to egotistical Suge Knight.

In 60 seconds
True colors shown
Now you're cover is blown
A night to reckon

In the pouring rain
You're going to defend honor of the establishments you ordained.
If I criticize the venue again, you're going to bring me pain.

One would've imagine
What would happen
If we came to blows.
Proving words are powerful
Prose and stanzas leading to brutal assaults
Who knows?

Hate filled
While your venue is filled
By the thousands
Yet one critic got you
Buck wild and
Ready to take arms
Into battle
Defining an artist
Playing the field
Trying to keep it real
With his feeling rattled.
But hey, I'm a poet
Speaking how I feel
Which is something you couldn't handle.

I just wanna thank you.
I truly do
Your harshness ensues
Willfully to me
Inquiring minds need to know
Is there a problem?

Obvious tension
Complete composition
Of a bruised ego
Whistling Dixie out its ass
Unable to hear
Passing of gas
Because she's one of those types.
Basking in funk
Of the hype
Breaking wind
Breaking away
From humility.

A long time ago
A lovely soul
Flowed from a pen.
Reciting on mic
Like a Christian confessing sins.
Thickness in confidence
Manifesting essence
Of her spirit.

Along the way
Posture rearrange
By the prize of recognition
Giving her permission
To believe
She's unreachable fruit
Up a poetic tree.

Arrogantly saying
Some y all don't move me..
Honesty spoken in brutality.

So I express dissent
Now we're face to face
Claiming I lost her respect
But she never had it
From the beginning
So with this...
I couldn't stop grinning.
Relief and jubilation
Washed my soul
Her banter
Just confirmation
What I already know.
Now circle is complete
While she walks down the street..
Continue the facade
on the mic
Spitting and ripping
For reasons all wrong
But never right.

I give thanks
Because she freed me.
Cleansing spirit
Of self righteous
Social dependency
Being a poet
is never more liberating.

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