Fallen Angel~Broken Halo

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  Malevolent Justice

Silently hoping that
you will be choking
on your lack of humanity

I've been contemplating
while you've been creating
chaotic negativity

I am debating
really am hating
Your irresponsibility
It's so disgusting
That I am adjusting
To your hostility


Kiss off, lay off , back off,
Get away from me
Piss off, fuck off, get off
Just let me be

I'd like to say I wish you well
But I'd rather see you burn in hell

I really do not wish you death
just no joy, no peace, or happiness

And all this time
You think I'm blind
 I  see through your disguise

While you are provoking
I am revolting
Planning your demise

I'm no longer passive
I am reactive
You better be prepared

Be anticipating
I have been waiting
And you don't have a prayer

Copyright 2010 Tamara Seraph


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