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Shekinah Newton/ Ms. Keena

Try me at calm (Try me 2x) Try me at calm
(Hey-Hey) Try me at calm
Verse (1)
It gets no better/Im so much better (better)
no drama/no mess/The calm me is the best/
we can vibe throughout the day/we can chill/
throughout the night/It cant get no better/
only good vibes tonight so--

Chorus:Try me at calm (Try me 2x)Try me at calm

Breakdown: It get's no better/we are the better
so try me at calm (try me try me) (hey yeah)

Hook- Try me cause I'm different/Try me cause Im chill
Try me cause I'm different/Try me cause Im real
Try me cause I'm different/Try me I'm a vibe
Try me cause I'm chill/Try me cause Im fly
Verse (2)
Patience taught me love/games taught me lessons
hurt taught me healing/but now I keep'em guess'n
the break ups just to make up/ but the pain made me
strong/ but I promise myself that/Im'ma keep it
moving on so (try me at calm 3X)
Chrous and Hook