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Kandid Tales

Violence on the Rise
RESPOND Spiritually...

Don't React Humanly to the Worldwide violence that's on the rise. Spiritual War is amidst-Repent and let Jehovah Fight!

Believers,WE Must come out of hiding (Spiritually) and Repent for Our sins and choose the Most High to Fight this War that's been going on BEFORE Our Creation. It's time to stop trying to be "Down" with Satan's henchmen and Bowdown to The Most High! Chances are, they already know Who you are...LOL! Chances are, they're making plans about you that you don't know. Stay away from them.

Non-Believers, you guys are the most susceptible to Satan's devices, no matter how innocent something,someone or someplace seems.

I've stated that WE'VE ALL been Tricked & Lied to by the Oppressors of the world to continue the Hate/Prejudice within Nations and without. Satan exploits ALL of Our Fleshly desires and turn away from Our Creator.

I was systemically abused by a For-proclaimed Atheist and Narcissist that tried to break me with telling me,"There is NO GOD!" I endured all kinds of Hell but I endured and left it and him for the better.

No matter your religious beliefs, NO ONE has the right to HATE & MISTREAT any person/group! The Most High HATES SIN...HE HATES those who FREELY and Unapologetically SIN and enslave others to do the same! If you have NO convictions about Sinning and HATING Against God or His people, then that means YOU!

When you Hate and Mistreat those who Follow Christ and God's Words, you commit those abominable things against HIM! ALL HE wants you to do is realize that behavior is Wrong and ask Forgiveness for it. If you and the people who roll with realize that and don't care, then that separates you from me. Funny thing is, I DON'T hate you for it...BUT you Do!

No matter who you receive this post, it's never too late to turn it around.