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Kandid Tales

A Message for House Negroes
Yes You!

You need to wake up and stop Cooning already!

Ahh, aint nothing like History, especially when it's repeated. The Bible states just how many Nations who Hated and Sold out the Israelites. Sadly, most were Kin to them. It seems like modern-day Negroes have been blessed with the same fate. How many Nations are gunning for people of color or descendants of Negroes? When we consider the figures, we must also factor in ourselves. For some of our very own have sold us out for 30 shekels. Have any of you given back the money, like Judas?

Listen, no matter how much drugs you help funnel to the hood. No matter how many kids you pimp out and get strung out. No matter how many brothers you lock up and turn out. No matter how many you infect with HIV or AIDS. no matter how many sisters they game and infect. No matter how many diss records you put out. No matter how many souls you help send straight to hell. No matter how 2-faced your politics are. No matter how satanic your church is...

You will always be a House Negro! What the enemy says and does to your kin, says and does to you! You are about 3 whips away from being traded and sold yourself! Think about it!