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Vinn thee poet

My It Girl
She got that flawless beauty,
combined with style so sexy.
She always gets my mind blown,
think I should call her headshot.
Must be them pretty eyes,
pretty eyes that make her beauty so immense.
Must be that pretty smile,
pretty smile that got me so damn tense.
I go mad with the gold of her laughter.

Her body always been in shape,
Fine enough to blow the fuse
the fuse of one to ten scale,
Fine enough to drive anyone crazy,
crazy like some random gear shifts,
Fine enough to make my heart sing
sing like that shit just turned to Adelle,
Fine enough to turn a savage bruh to a gent.
Trust me when I say,
her body is the closest thing to perfection,
I'd say it's divine.
Every time she walks past,
I wanna put that booty on repeat.
And I say all these out of facts,
not speaking off a boner,
But when they talking sex appeal,
She'd definitely be the first I choose.

She always steps out looking fly as hell,
Don't know what gets me most,
I'm kind of sitting on the fence,
But one thing I have to admit;
I really love her fashion sense.
She's fashion killing everyday,
Guess she's the villain in this script.

She does her own thing,
To her competing is not the case,
But if she did compete,
Trying to beat her,
Is what I'll consider a wild goose chase.
Boss attitude,
Got her making major moves,
Major moves even when not in motion.
Rare style,
Plus she educated.
That's why,
she be My It Girl.