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Kandid Tales

The Book of Nehemiah
Hi All,

I just revisited the Book of Nehemiah and so many bells began to ring. We Hebrew Israelites tend to intermarry with the wrong Nations:Ammonites and Moabites. Translation, we chase after those who oppose God in some way,myself including. In my case,so many lies were told that completely had me unknowingly ignorant to the 3rd degree. My abuser knew I was a Christian and initially echoed that through troubled eyes. I was lied to and he took time before using the word, Atheist. Once he came out as one, he went hardcore with it but the abuse had already started.

On the flip side,there are many of us who knowingly persue non-believers or "believers" fronting the life. Heck, the pretender just might be you. Sadly, there are tons upon tons of folks who are perpetrating being Christians. Even worst, a lot of them truly think they are following Christ and being mislead by False Prophets and alike.

The above is exactly how Esau/Edom has infiltrated our community. If we would onlybstop chasing after other Gods and got our heads in the Bible, we'd have the Spiritual Discernment to see through the BS!

i love MY People! We NEED to get it together and leave Edom alone! They have no problem lying and pretending to Love on Us when they really Hate on us. Why? Cuz' they Aint Us and Never will be! We don't need their sick and twisted version of love to finally be accepted in this Satan-loving world.

God Bless!