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The girl I loved so very much,
Doesn't have the same old touch;

She turned cold and very bad,
The old one is what I wish I had;

There is no way to get her back,
She's too far gone and that's a fact;

She's turned into a mean old bitch,
I'd let her go without a hitch;

Now and then she seems so cool,
But that's not the way she is as a rule;

I don't think I'll ever see,
A loving heart, it just cant be;

She's tried and tried to use me up,
If I don't learn and put a stop;

Then she'll think that it's OK,
Cause that's exactly what she'll say;

It's time to stop being a fool,
Set some boundaries and set some rules;

To continue with my life,
Now that she is not my wife;

John Farthing